Business Development

Asset Acquisition

The solution required an evaluation of a small molecule asset in the autoimmune disease market to make an evidence based decision on price and deal terms.

The licensing and acquisition team at a major pharmaceutical company needed an external valuation assessment of an asset that would compete against biologics in this disease space in a launch market six years in the future.​

Utilizing our experience and ability to provide the insights to assess the potential commercial price, access and the clinical and economic evidence required in the US and EU 3 countries for this asset, Triage conducted an assessment and delivered the findings in three weeks. 

Triage engaged in rapid and rigorous primary research with comprehensive discussions with key Payers and thought leaders, conducted market analysis to anticipate the future environmental landscape in which this asset would compete.  

Results and Impact:

  • Identified the value drivers to support optimal price and access and the clinical and economic endpoints needed
  • Characterized the price range and degree of evidence required at each price point
  • Provided an understanding of access and reimbursement scenarios for each market
  • Qualified the impact of biosimilars, competitive positioning and Payer management expectations. 

​Our assessment provided the evidence and rationale for moving forward to pursue a formal offer to in-license the asset adding to the company’s immunology portfolio.