Clinical Development

The clinical research and development team at a biotech company needed to understand patient types with the highest unmet needs, the endpoints for inclusion in clinical trial design that would provide the most compelling outcomes and value to direct a long term development plan. ​​

Conducted a quantitative assessment of Payers and key thought leaders to assess the unmet needs, limitations of current therapies, and clinical endpoints that would be most meaningful by way of comprehensive interviews to qualify the key efficacy and safety value drivers required of the product profile.   

Results and Impact:

Triage provided guidance and strategic direction to address the subset of patients that would support the commercialization of the product.

  • Identification of the patient types and outcomes that would provide meaningful improvement over current treatments
  • Qualified a product profile with meaningful improvement to Payers 
  • Confirmed price corridor for variations in product profiles 
  • Estimated patient flow by sub segments 
  • Direction in development of a companion diagnostic to identify potential non-responders

Findings provided an understanding of the disease landscape for multiple internal stakeholders, input into the research and development strategy and a knowledge base for in-licensing opportunities.  

Target Product Profile 

A client required clinical evidence based insights to guide an early stage product development strategy