The investor group required an assessment of the commercialization opportunity (e.g. market access, provider/Payer perception, price, point of care use, etc.) for a drug device combination product in oncology that required a special invasive procedure to deliver the therapy, a costly single use device with a chemotherapy agent and reimbursement issues based on inpatient and outpatient settings of care.

Triage conducted a time and motion review of the product procedure followed by an analysis of existing procedure coding to assess short falls and gaps that would impact the physician and facility reimbursement.  A series of interviews were conducted with physicians to assess the product value, hospital and surgical center directors to understand access hurdles and willingness to invest and utilize the device technology.  

Results and Impact
Triage provided a detailed understanding of the environment in which this technology would be used, input into a revenue forecast model and a timeline to implement needed reimbursement policy changes.

  • Mapped the patient encounter to provider/Payer reimbursement 
  • Developed a model to estimate the price per procedure and the number of procedures a facility must conduct per year to justify utilization of this technology 
  • Defined the rationale for obtaining new procedure codes
  • Identified the clinical value provided over the current standard of care
  • A rationale for the price of the product and delivery device

Our work informed the investment group on issues impacting the continued funding of additional clinical studies.

Opportunity Due Diligence

An Investment group required an evaluation of a device activated oncology treatment 

Opportunity Assessment and Valuation