A client with an established immunology franchise with long-term development plans was considering an additional indication which required an increase in dosing outside the primary indication, increasing the cost by 30% and needed to understand the impact on price and access for the product.

Triage engaged in comprehensive interviews with US Payers to assess the increase in dosing on access and positioning and presented scenarios to Payers: price/dosing addressing induction and maintenance; access and management investigating advantaged, disadvantaged positioning and the management tools that would be implemented.

Results and Impact
The client was provided with the most optimal pricing and access options.  Negotiation strategies were outlined to address the expected Payer response to the increased induction dosage for the new indication and expected ‘dose creep’ in the primary indication.  

  • Identified expected Payer strategies in response to dosing increase from low to lock out management 
  • Developed strategic pricing strategies for the brand and immunology franchise  
  • Validated rationale for a separate induction dose price to mitigate impact on use for primary indication
  • Input on negotiation strategies and tactical implementation for access position  

Our recommendations supported a strategic effort to grow the current franchise portfolio and justify pursuing additional indications. 

Price and Access

New Indication 

An existing product faced a significant increase in dosing for a new follow on indication and required an impact analysis and Payer management expectations