Launch Sequencing Strategy

A single product undergoing research for two indications needed an assessment of both the market price and access opportunity for each    


The commercialization team needed support to understand the future market environment and commercial opportunity to develop pricing and market access assumptions for inclusion into the franchise growth strategy in these disease states. 

Triage conducted a rigorous market assessment identifying the key barriers to optimal price and access and potential competitive products at the time of expected launch.  These findings and input from the clinical and commercial teams aided in developing the expected and ambitious product profiles which were then tested by way of comprehensive discussions with Payers and key thought opinion leaders. 

Results and Impact
Triage provided a multilevel approach to developing a launch sequencing plan identifying the market assumptions, price variables and scenarios that would have the greatest positive impact on the franchise over time.  Triage used multiple pricing analogues, outcomes from the primary research with a mix of Payer negotiators and decision makers for the brand strategic forecast.   

  • Provided a value matrix identifying the impact of unmet needs, budget impact and price potential based on future risks
  • Must have and nice to have clinical and economic endpoints from trial data
  • Strategic direction in to product and market shaping effort required
  • Threshold price point increasing Payer access management
  • Risk mitigation recommendations by indication 

Our consulting research work provided recommendations for the lead indication as the optimal strategy with the least impact on future indications. 


Product Launch Preparation